Neighbourhood Streets [City of Calgary Policy]
Creation of a policy document that aligned with the community needs for safety on Calgary neighbourhood streets.
2021 IAP2 Application [City of Calgary]
Beltline, Inglewood, and Ramsay Social & Recreational Needs
In support of Community Services as part of a larger program, the Innovation Lab led a cross-corporate team to deeply understand the social and recreational needs of Beltline, Inglewood and Ramsay residents. The gathered empathetic insights from five streams of synthesized data enabled the project to move beyond the binary “pools or no pools” discussion that generated viable options to provide value for Calgarians now and into the future.  This work received a national award for its innovative approach.
National recognition for this work:
2021 IAP2 Core Values Honorable Mention for Project Category Creativity, Contribution and Innovation in the Field
Key Outcomes:
Community Involvement, Cross-Corporate Collaboration, Solving a Complex Problem
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