Branding your idea should be just as unique as you.
makeitsew.andrea [Logo & Branding]
A small Calgarian maker focusing on textiles.
Andrea wanted a new direction with her Instagram branding with upcoming sewist position opportunities.  Taking into account personal preferences such as colour palette, general feel, and favourite shape a stylized dragon snap became her new logo.
Visit her Instagram: @makeitsew.andrea
Transitions in Care [Logo & Branding]
A University of Calgary Critical Care Research Study.
Venting Wisely: HRF + ARDS Management Pathway
 [Logo & Branding]
A University of Calgary & Department of Critical Care Medicine - Calgary Zone (Alberta Health Services) Critical Care Research Study.
[Sub-section of a Calgary Neighbourhood]
Harmony is a small imaginary neighbourhood that is a portion of Calgary's Beltline and West Connaught communities. 

Harmony is a neighbourhood that balances work and home life in a way that welcomes everyone. The developing community allows for new projects, friendships, and personal development to flourish alongside the blossoming trees and various plant life integrating into every aspect in a supportful way.

A mockup for a website for Harmony.

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